BiPlane Fun Flights

Two WACO aircraft (Weaver Aircraft Company of Troy, Ohio) were delivered to White Mountain Airport in New Hampshire in November 1941 for use in a U.S. Army Air Corps civilian flight school to qualify cadets for military training. These two aircrafts were registered as N32167 and N32168. N32167 is the aircraft flown by BiPlane FunFlights for air tours. N32168 remains in New England flying summer air tours at Martha's Vineyard airport. BiPlane FunFlights offers 10, 20, 30 and 70-minute excursions above the beautiful New Smyrna Beach area in an open-cockpit vintage biplane. Choose from the following: 

Ponce Lighthouse Tour

Your thrilling adventure begins at the New Smyrna Airport, where you will take a step back in time with this 10-minute Vintage Aircraft Flight. You or your guest will see some of our beautiful coastline as well as the world's famous Ponce Lighthouse. This incredible trip into the bygone era is the only way to really appreciate the freedom of flying. So whether you're looking for a unique gift for someone special or an awesome date, BiPlane FunFlights is the ticket!

Mosquito Lagoon Tour

Departing from the NSB Airport, follow the Intracoastal Waterway south beyond the South Causeway Bridge where the river widens at Edgewater. See the wakes of power boats as they cruise toward Mosquito Lagoon to find their favorite fishing spot. Turning east toward the azure seacoast, see the white sand beach of the Atlantic coast where sailboats cruise offshore. Northbound, soak in the shoreline and see the Ponce Inlet where surfers glide the waves both north and south of the inlet. Note the turbulent ocean and river waters as they mix at the inlet. Spot the glowing red of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and see tourists on the walkway looking skyward at your circling red bi-plane before it returns to the NSB Airport. A 20-minute ride from from the New Smyrna Beach Airport.


Intracoastal Waterway

Departing from the NSB Airport, enjoy an extended flight along the Intracoastal Waterway and Indian River southbound where the lagoon expands in width and the shoreline meets the horizon. You will see the commercialization disappear in favor of wilderness and the Canaveral Wildlife Refuge begins. Approaching Eldora and the shoreline, you will note the beach color changes to pastel pink and the waves crashing on the beach turn to a deep sea blue. The beach narrows as the topography changes and the waves crash to shore. Turning north toward civilization you will see the beach colors whiten and the ocean colors turn azure. Look for large sea life as you return along the coast toward NSB Airport and the brilliant red icon known as Ponce Lighthouse, concluding this 30-minute adventure.

Space Coast Tour

Fly to the Cape Kennedy Space Port, Merritt Island & Titusville. The ultimate flight adventure over wilds of the Intracoastal Waterway south of civilization and over the Canaveral Wildlife Reserve. Departing from the NSB Airport, look at the distant NASA Assembly Building tower reaching skyward on the horizon. That is your destination as you overfly the expanding inland river and lagoon and observe the narrowing strip of land along the Canaveral Seashore. The mere expanse of the lagoon, where white fishing boats cut a V-wake in the grey inland waterways, is difficult to imagine without seeing it from the open cockpit.

You will hear your pilot contact Space Coast Approach Control for clearance to enter the restricted Space Coast airspace as you near the Shuttle landing strip, then dive toward the huge landing strip at an attitude simulating those used by returning space craft. Departing this approach, your adventure continues toward Titusville and circles the Space Coast Museum. Again, enjoy the wilderness and expanse of open inland water as your flight departs Titusville toward the Atlantic Ocean and Canaveral Nature Reserve's steep pink sandy beach and deep blue ocean. Experience transition back to civilization and the brilliant white sandy beaches of NSB, ending with circling the Ponce Lighthouse and a landing at the NSB Airport on this 1 hour and 10 minute adventure.

2096 Aero Circle, New Smyrna Beach, FL