The New Smyrna Beach area is rooted in local culture and art. Our unique arts town has the distinction of being one of the "100 Best Small Art Towns in America." The area's artistic spirit generates from annual art and music festivals, artist workshops and studios, and local galleries. The world-renowned Atlantic Center for the Arts concentrates on the fields of composing as well as visual and performing arts by attracting aspiring artists in many disciplines from across the country to learn from accomplished artists.

By checking out the local art workshops and studios, many visitors enjoy creating their own unique piece of art through jewelry making, paintings, taking a class in glassblowing and pottery, or learning Bob Ross style painting at the Bob Ross Art Workshop. The local galleries on Canal Street feature the work of hundreds of local artists for viewing and purchase, and the buildings are as interesting as the art within. Music lovers can delight in New Smyrna Beach's plentiful concerts, featuring world-famous musicians and local hidden talent.

New Smyrna Beach holds the distinction of being the second oldest city in Florida, though some historians believe it to be older than St. Augustine. The New Smyrna Beach area offers visitors many historical legends and artifacts as witness to its rich history. In fact, more than 30 historical sites continue to intrigue visitors. For a day of family fun, explore one today! You might just find your next favorite spot.

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