Beach Driving

New Smyrna Beach is one of the few locations where you can drive your vehicle on the beach. Back in the 1800s, beach driving started with horses and buggies. In August 1889, the town's 300-foot-wide stretch of sand was marked "Beach Street" and dedicated for a public highway. The first car was driven on New Smyrna's beach around 1904. There are old photographs that show picnicking visitors standing by clusters of early model Fords - perhaps the first of tailgate parties. In the 1930s, the earliest stock car races whizzed by the water at low tide. NASCAR, founded in 1948, used the wide beach between New Smyrna and Daytona, with its hard-packed sand as fine as flour, for its races until 1959. Vehicles are allowed on five miles of New Smyrna's beaches, and for years beachgoers have enjoyed a leisurely drive on its wide, hard-packed sands. Please be a responsible beach driver by driving only in designated areas and observing the speed limit. The driving areas are designated by signs and wooden posts.

Please watch for pedestrians, sunbathers and wildlife. Parking is allowed east, or seaward, of the posts. The beach is open to vehicles from sunrise to sunset Nov. 1 through April 30, and from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 1 through Oct. 31. 

Beach Passes 

Annual beach passes are $25 for Volusia County residents and $100 for non-residents. For further information regarding beach passes, please visit

The following fees and passes are available at beach toll locations and the inlet parks.

  • $20 daily beach entry per vehicle (one free re-entry/day/same vehicle)
  • $10 daily inlet park entry per vehicle at Lighthouse Point and Smyrna Dunes Park (one free re-entry/day/same vehicle)
  • $25 resident annual beach pass (unlimited beach entry - 365 days from date of purchase)
  • $20 annual inlet park pass (unlimited inlet parks entry - 365 days from date of purchase)
  • $100 non-resident annual beach pass (unlimited beach entry - 365 days from date of purchase)
  • $45 resident combo pass (beach and inlet parks unlimited entry - 365 days from date of purchase)
  • $120 non-resident combo pass (beach and inlet parks unlimited entry - 365 days from date of purchase)

For most up to date information, access the Volusia County website here

Beach information for the disabled

Beach information for the disabled

Beach wheelchairs

For persons needing assistance, beach wheelchairs are available for use at Flagler Avenue lifeguard stations. There is a limited supply, and they are available first come, first served at no charge. People can check them out from a lifeguard station and use them for a couple of hours, depending on the waiting list. 

Handicap parking

Physically challenged beach patrons displaying a handicap insignia in their vehicles will be permitted to park adjacent to the east side of the established traffic lanes. Vehicles with a handicapped ID are admitted to the beach free.


East side parking is allowed only when tides permit.

Vehicles must display clearly a DMV issued handicap plackard.

Due to extreme congestion, east side parking is not to be permitted in these areas:

  • from Crawford Avenue approach to the Third Avenue approach in New Smyrna Beach.

"Handicap Parking Only" spaces are provided at all lifeguard stations with the exception of the North County Lifeguard Station at 1665 Ocean Shore Blvd. (Roberta Road Cross Street) in north Ormond Beach.

Beach Pass Holders Express ramps

From March 1st through September, one of Volusia County’s vehicular access ramps is now a Pass Holders Express ramp and permit entry to handicap vehicles and current annual pass holder vehicles only. This ramp is located at Crawford Road

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