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Two WACO aircraft (Weaver Aircraft Company of Troy, Ohio) were delivered to White Mountain Airport in New Hampshire in November 1941 for use in a U.S. Army Air Corps civilian flight school to qualify cadets for military flight training. These two aircrafts were registered as N32167 and N32168. N32167 is the aircraft flown by BiPlane FunFlights for Air Tours. N32168 remains in New England flying summer Air Tours at Martha’s Vineyard airport.

Experience exciting flights over scenic coastal areas in our 1940’s military aircraft. BiPlane Air Tour adventures for two, or choose Instructional Flights for one person to maneuver these authentic WWII trainer aircraft yourself! Choose from the Ponce Lighthouse Tour, Mosquito Lagoon Tour, Intracoastal Waterway Tour or the Space Coast Tour. Tours range from 10 minutes to 70 minutes. Add-on options are available as well, and include extending your aviation adventure, upgrading to the next air tour, sunset or sunrise tours and performance maneuvers. Click here to reserve your BiPlane Fun Flight tour today.

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