A Trip for Your Tastebuds

Sometimes the thing you remember most about a place you traveled to is the food. And if you visit the Spanish River Grill in New Smyrna Beach, this will definitely be an aftertaste that you want to linger. Chef Henry Salgado, a two-time James Beard Semi-finalist, puts his heart and soul into each dish here, leaving you satisfied on so many levels. He and his wife Michelle have created a modern approach to Latino cuisine that celebrates his Spanish-Cuban heritage. Each item is prepared with local ingredients and a creative passion that makes every flavor stand out as its own art piece. You can find croquetas, ceviche, gazpacho and all of the tastes you love from Spain and Latin America. The restaurant also hosts dinner, live music and dancing on Fridays, which embodies the true celebratory spirit that Henry and Michelle bring to their food. This is a memory that your taste buds will not forget.