An Oldie But Goodie

Did you know that New Smyrna Beach is known as the second oldest city in Florida? We were thinking the same thing – there must be a good reason that people keep coming back here! And while you’ll probably want to explore all of these reasons like the picturesque beaches and amazing bars and restaurants, there’s a lot to learn about this city’s past, too. Timucuan Native Americans inhabited the land as early as 2,000 B.C., until European colonization wiped them out from war and disease. As a result, there are many fascinating historical sites to visit. There are also remains from times of war between Native Americans and colonists in the 1800’s, like the Sugar Mill Ruins and The Old Fort, both of which will spark your imagination with what life was like when these buildings were thriving. All the more interesting is that New Smyrna was the largest British colonization attempt in the new land, as 1,500 European immigrants came with Dr. Andrew Turnbull to establish this new British colony. You can explore all of this history at one or all of the many sites and museums that New Smyrna has to offer.