Conservation at the Marine Discovery Center

Looking for an opportunity to get involved and help Mother Earth through preservation and conservation activities? The Marine Discovery Center has a vast array of opportunities to get involved. Become a citizen scientist and volunteer alongside some of the state’s greatest scientists, naturalists, and researchers as they study environmental issues right here in New Smyrna Beach. If you enjoy the outdoors and want to do something hands-on join the Adopt-An-Estuary (AAE) program, where you can learn how to do a visual survey of a lagoon, test water, and more. Training is free, and there are many opportunities available. Volunteers are also needed for Horseshoe Crab, Seagrass, and Salt Marsh surveys, to measure the health of the ecosystems and the organisms that call them home. A few volunteer hours each week can make a huge difference in saving the environment. Consider how you can help and call the Marine Discovery Center today.