Craft Beer Walk Like No Other on Canal Street

Craft beer is no longer just for home breweries. Small and large breweries have opened up all across the country and beer has become big business. Beer artisans typically use locally sourced products and develop new trends in beer. This is true in New Smyrna Beach, where you can find some tasty brews on Canal Street.  In fact, the first Saturday of every month you can join in the fun of the Canal Street Craft Beer Walk. Just $30 gets you a souvenir glass and 12 tickets to use at participating venues. The Walk starts at 1 p.m. and goes through 7 p.m. Not only are there a variety of beers to try, but there are also boutiques, art galleries and historical places to visit along the walk. Local restaurants serve up menus from American comfort foods to spicy Thai cuisine. Grab some friends and enjoy an afternoon of fun and entertainment while tasting some of the best beer in the region.