Don't Settle For Less

New Smyrna Beach was one of the largest attempts by the British to colonize North America at one time, and you can see why. With the gorgeous white beaches and ideal climate, why wouldn’t they choose this place? For many reasons, the city is filled with a lot of fascinating history that you can learn all about at the New Smyrna Museum of History. The New Smyrna Settlement Exhibit starts with a video presentation that pulls you right into the lives of Dr. Andrew Turnbull and the Mediterranean colonists who founded the modern version of this city. And the Perimeter Gallery gives a complete chronological overview of the area’s history, displaying unique objects from the past such as a turn of the century printing press, Civil War artifacts, a dugout canoe, and photographs from the 19th century. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday just off of Canal Street, so take advantage of this valuable and fascinating look behind.