Extended Stay, Extended Fun!

When you come to New Smyrna Beach, you won’t want to leave. And now you don’t really have to. Aside from all of the great hotels and boutique inns, the city offers extended stays in condominiums so you can make yourself right at home. These longer-term stays are lower in price, while offering all of the amenities you could possibly need. There are also plenty of options, so whether you are looking for a luxurious long-term getaway or a simple yet comfortable home away from home, you can find it here. The Bahamian Club is one of the more popular communities, with beautiful rooms surrounding a pool, lounge area, media room and ideal location right by the beach. The Inlet Condominium is an oceanfront spot, giving each and every room a brilliant view of the ocean. There’s also the Minorca Clubhouse on site with a bar, kitchen, entertainment center, fitness center and lounge. You can check out Moontide Condominiums as well as some others to find the right fit for you.