Goodrich's: A Rich Heritage of Seafood

Fresh seafood is a hallmark of seaside beach towns. New Smyrna Beach is no different; in fact, Goodrich’s Seafood & Oyster House has been in business since 1910. In the early days, there wasn’t a restaurant; the business was a wholesale seafood house and blue crab processing facility. These first buildings were on piers over the water, but after a fire and several hurricanes, the business had to be rebuilt. Not only was it rebuilt, but it was rebuilt using salvaged blocks and wood from a JFK Space Center building that was purchased and moved piece by piece. Its humble beginnings and harsh dealings through the years could not keep Goodrich’s down. Today, it is a favorite among seafood lovers. The menu pairs up fresh seafood with famous southern sides. Crab, clams, shrimp, scallops, oysters, frog legs, gator, seafood chowders, and daily fish all grace the menu. For land lovers, there are plenty of non-seafood selections as well. Check out Goodrich’s Seafood & Oyster House for your next dining excursion.