I’m Dreaming of a White (Sandy) Christmas

Whoever said they were dreaming of a white Christmas must have been talking about something other than snow. Ok I admit, snowflakes falling on Christmas morning can be a little romantic. But as soon as you have to put on your winter boots and go trek through it, the romance dies a little bit. It’s like getting past the honeymoon stage and realizing how much work relationships are. 

Maybe the person who wrote that song was dreaming of a white sandy Christmas. Now that sounds like a relationship I could get used to. No shoveling, no winter coats, no frostbite. The only winter blues are in the clear skies and epic ocean views. 

We can’t gather indoors for the holidays this year due to the pandemic anyway, so why not be outside where it’s warm? I know Christmas is all about traditions, but this year is all about getting creative. Instead of making snowmen, the kids can make sandmen! Sad about missing out on sledding? Go surfing instead! Feeling nostalgic without your cup of hot cocoa by the tree? A chocolate milkshake will do the trick. 

Many families have caught on to this and drive to Florida each year to get their holidays on. New Smyrna Beach is the perfect white sandy Christmas destination. It stands out from other hotspots, as it’s not as crowded as the beaches in Clearwater or Miami, but still has everything you could want in a beach vacation. 

The spirit of the holidays is always thick in the Canal Street Historic District, where bright lights and holiday decorations paint the scene. Christmas music fills the air and the town Christmas tree makes it hard to forget that ‘tis the season. 

Flagler Avenue is another classic strip in NSB that spreads the holiday cheer, and leads you right to the beach so you can put your feet in the sand afterwards. Both Flagler and Canal are great places to get all of your holiday shopping done. From boutiques to art galleries, you can easily find a gift for anyone in the family. 

There are plenty of new traditions to start at the beach, too. Instead of driving through Christmas light displays like you’re used to up north, many families sit on the docks of some local favorite beachfront restaurants like Outriggers or the Riverview Grille, and watch all of the brightly lit and decorated boats go by. It’s a magical thing to watch them cruise through the night, spreading Christmas cheer. 

And one of the best parts about leaving town for the holidays is that you don’t have to do any of the cooking! With so many amazing restaurants in town, you’ll forget all about grandma’s meatloaf. Most restaurants have outdoor seating available too, keeping things socially distanced and pandemic safe. 

So since the holidays are going to look a little different this year anyway, why not try a new tradition? New Smyrna Beach might be a good place to start.