Kennedy Space Center: New Smyrna Beach’s Backyard

Many kids across America dream of becoming an astronaut and rocketing into outer space. While that dream is realized by just a few, many can experience the thrill of space exploration with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Located south of New Smyrna Beach at Cape Canaveral, it makes for the perfect day trip. The Visitor Center boasts separate “missions” that will take you on a chronological tour through the space program. Explore the “Heroes & Legends” zone for a historical look at the space program or take the “Behind the Gates” tour, where you’ll see launch pads and NASA’s famous Vehicle Assembly Building. “Race to the Moon,” “Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other,” and “NASA Now + Next” are exhibits that tell the story of each era of space exploration. If you happen to be in the area during a launch, you’ll have a front-row seat right from New Smyrna Beach—so be sure to bring along your phone or camera to catch all the action. For a day trip that’s out-of-this-world with fun, visit the Kennedy Space Center. We bet you’ll have a blast!