Let's Go Fly a Kite

The skies of New Smyrna Beach are known to be much more colorful than you’d expect, especially in November. Don’t worry – we aren’t referring to odd weather patterns. It’s because they’re usually filled with kites! This year on November 19 and 20, New Smyrna Beach will be hosting the annual Kite Festival. It’s located right on the beach and is a fun day for the whole family. Attendance to the festival is free, but does require registration. The festival is complete with lessons, demonstrations and competitions. You can bring your own kite, or make one there! The kid’s zone is a fun feature to the event where children can decorate and personalize their own kite before launching it off into the sky. They even offer kites to the first 400 children each day! This is a fun time for adults too, though, as some of the kites are pretty spectacular, especially those that are as big as a car. This is definitely what they mean by fun in the sun!