Summer Camps in New Smyrna Beach

Enroll Your Kids in a New Smyrna Beach Summer Camp

Every summer I enroll my kids in at least one of the summer camps at New Smyrna Beach. These camps help them to stay active – both mentally and physically – throughout the summer. And these summer camps aren’t just good for my kids. They enjoy them too! These camps give my kids ways to make new friends, learn new skills, and try new activities.

Typically, these camps run for about four or five days, so you can easily enroll in multiple summer camps over the summer.


Teach the Kids How to Surf

One of the most popular summer camps in New Smyrna Beach is the Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy. As a matter of fact, this surfing academy is considered to be one of the best surf schools in the world!

While at the Jimmy Lane Surfing Academy, your kids will get three hours of surfing time each day for five days. They’ll also learn about ocean safety and receive an invitation to the season’s surf competition!


Have Them Embrace Their Artsy Side

If your children look like they’re more likely to become future artists than future surfers, there are several options to consider in New Smyrna Beach. 

The Hub on Canal mission’s is to create community by fostering art, education, and a broad range of creative opportunities. Located on Canal Street in the heart of the historic district in New Smyrna Beach, The Hub on Canal offers 6 weekly, 4-day sessions this summer. Campers can participate in a wide variety of activities, such as immersing themselves in the art of watercolor painting and learning basic stage movement and combat skills.

The Atlantic Center for the Arts runs several 4-day camps throughout the summer. Each camp usually has a specific theme, so you can pick one that intrigues you and your little ones the most. Depending on which class you choose, your kids can learn how to create papier mache masks, woven bags, or painted pieces.

As an added bonus, the works from all of the camps will be posted on the Atlantic Center for the Arts’ Young Masters online gallery! In other words, everyone will get to see your children’s masterpieces.

If this sounds like a summer camp your kids would love, be sure to sign up ahead of time. These classes often fill up months in advance.


Educate Them About the Underwater World


Many of the coolest and most educational summer camps in New Smyrna Beach are the ones run by the Marine Discovery Center.

Given that the programs are run by the Marine Discovery Center, it’s no surprise to find out that each five-day camp revolves around the water. You can pick between kayaking, fishing, scuba diving, surfing, water-based lab investigations, and more.

While your children will likely try a new water sport during their summer camp experiences, they’ll also pick up a bit of the science behind Florida’s waterways. They’ll learn about everything from fish morphology to mangrove preservation.

Like the summer camps at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the summer camps at the Marine Discovery Center fill up quickly as well. Be sure to sign up early if you want to snag your child a spot!


Or Have Them Do All of the Above!

If your kids like a little bit of everything, the Southeast Volusia YMCA summer camps may be the best option. While at these camps, your little ones will be able to stay active, make new friends, take educational field trips, and make a few arts and crafts.

From the beginning of June to the middle of August, the YCMA in New Smyrna Beach runs a new summer camp every week. Each of these camps has its own exciting theme – from Spirit Week to Shark Week.

The YMCA also offers a few specialized summer camps. If you think your child would love to spend an entire week swimming or playing basketball, you can make that happen!


And As Parents, We Can Simply Relax

While the kids are surfing, painting, or swimming to their hearts’ content, we as parents can take some time for ourselves! After all, if your kids are having loads of fun, why can’t you have a little fun too?

You can relax on the beach, dine at a fancy local restaurant, and sip on a tasty drink at a local bar. Our perfect kid-free day consists of a lazy morning, a few hours at Canaveral National Seashore, dinner at The Garlic, and drinks at The Crimson House Wine Bar. Do you want to join in on the fun?