Surfing Safari in New Smyrna Beach

There are a lot of water sports to enjoy in the trendy beach town of New Smyrna Beach: swimming, paddle boarding, boating, kayaking, and surfing. Yes, the surf is up in New Smyrna Beach, and there are a handful of great spots to catch a wave and plenty of surf shops to get you outfitted for the sport. Check out Jimmy Lane Surf Academy and Red Dog Surf Shop, a full-service shop offering training for all skill levels. You may be a beginner or need to brush up on your techniques – Jimmy Lane and Red Dog are great places to start. The oldest shop in town, Nichols Surf Shop, is another full-service operation offering lessons, rentals, and a surf report. The report provides real-time details on local beaches to find the best surf action. If you are all set to surf and need to find the right beach, several spots offer great surf opportunities: Esther Street Beach, Crawford Road Beach, Clancy Beach Park, Hiles Boulevard, Beachway Beach, Matthews Avenue, and 27th Avenue. Where there are waves, you will see surfers. Grab your board and paddle out to catch the big one!