You Are What You Eat

Some say that a destination city is only as good as its best restaurants, and that’s hard to argue with. That’s why New Smyrna Beach is such a go-to vacation spot! One restaurant that shows you how great this place really is, is Yellow Dog Eats on Canal Street. It’s much more than a restaurant – it’s a just a great place to hang out in general. This spot has live music Thursday through Saturday from 7-10pm, so you can listen to blues on the patio while enjoying a craft beer and some delicious fare. There are also special nights like Taco Tuesdays, where you can load up on $2 tacos and wash them down with your favorite cocktails. Their menu is very vegan and vegetarian friendly, which makes it a big crowd pleaser. But don’t think they don’t know what to do with a piece of meat. Their BBQ pulled pork or seared Ahi tuna will have you coming back for more. Stop in for a sandwich, a drink, or to catch some tunes – you’re bound to make some friends while you’re at it.