Anthony Bell Fishing Charters

As an avid fisherman, Captain Anthony Bell has been smitten with the ocean and various waterways all his life. Having moved to New Smyrna Beach in 1986, he became far closer to the waters that he now calls home. In fact, he loved the ocean so much that he learned scuba diving and deep sea fishing, something he now has participated in for nearly 25 years. He continued his boating and fishing life serving as first mate on both sportfishing and private boats before deciding to start his own charter fishing business. He now shares his love of the sea with others.

One thing that stands out with Captain Anthony's Fishing Charters is his desire to ensure his customers have more than just a safe fishing excursion. While catching fish is part of the trip, he engages with his clients to make sure they have a fun, enjoyable and memorable experience. Regardless of his clients' level of expertise, he will ensure that everyone has a great fishing trip from the first timer to tournament fisherman. In addition, he will also provide dive charters for interested parties. Please call to schedule a charter.

111 N. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL