City Center Municipal Complex

The Port Orange City Center Municipal Complex is basically a community park centered around a scenic lake in the center of the city. The Port Orange City Hall is also located here, as well as the public library. The community park encompasses 50 acres and is open sunrise to 11 p.m. It offers a beautiful walking trail that encircles the lake that's perfect for a morning run or a relaxing evening stroll. the City Center is also a nice place for a picnic, although there aren't many picnic tables or benches, so it might not be the best place for older family members. But, if you don't mind spreading a blanket on the round or bringing along your own folding chairs, it's perfect.

The Kenneth W. Parker Amphitheater, which is the site of the Concert in the Park series and other musical special events, is located inside the park as well. There is also an 18,000 square foot Lakeside Community Center at the City Center, complete with a covered patio and beautifully landscaped lawns. It's the perfect setting for business events or weddings. The City Center really is the heart of Port Orange, and a great place for those who like to escape to the outdoors while staying within the city. Amenities include a 1/2 mile walking trail around the lake, fitness trail, gymnasium, skate park, sports complex, and Veterans Park. For rental options, contact Shannon Bungart, Special Events Coordinator, 386-506-5936. 

1000 City Center Circle, Port Orange, FL