Our waters are home to a variety of wildlife, from dolphins to manatees to whales.

Dolphins can be spotted in both the Atlantic and in the Indian River Lagoon. The popular bottlenose dolphins enjoy the fruit of the fisherman’s labor in our oceans – they are abundant in the water and can travel alone or in groups. Surfers often spot these playful creatures frolicking alongside them in the waves. 

A smaller version of the bottlenose dolphin is found in the Indian River Lagoon and can be spotted year-round. These dolphins tend to stay in the lagoon and do not interact with the dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the warmer months, manatees migrate to New Smyrna Beach. These gentle, lumbering animals use the ocean as a passageway to go from river to river. The Florida manatee is a native species that spends up to eight hours a day eating seagrasses and other aquatic plants.

While rare, whales can also be spotted in our area. Right whales travel from Nova Scotia and Maine to Central Florida waters each year during calving season. Sightings of humpback whales are also possible.


Image of Right whale belongs to www.visitflorida.com

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