Green Volusia

The Green Volusia program was established to expand green practices within county government operations and to provide information and education about environmentally responsible practices that benefit the community. The Green Volusia program has many goals, which include encouraging stewardship and conservation of Volusia County's natural resources and promoting an understanding of the benefits provided by these natural resources. The Green Volusia program coordinates the Volusia County Sustainability Action Plan, which was adopted February 20, 2014.

The plan identifies seven specific sustainability goals:

  1. Provide a Healthy Economy: create a sustainable business environment, retain viable commercial agriculture operations, and provide a high quality of life through provision of community amenities such as parks, libraries, and cultural amenities.
  2. Maintain a Healthy Environment: protect, restore, and manage natural lands, manage and protect surface water bodies, protect threatened and endangered species, and plan for adaptation to sea level rise.
  3. Promote a Healthy Community: encourage local food production, provide for urban open space, improve opportunities for walking and biking, and protect urban tree canopies to provide for the continued health of Volusia County's residents, businesses and visitors.
  4. Encourage Efficient Transportation and Community Design: reduce automobile fuel consumption and emissions, improve pedestrian and transit-oriented development, and discourage single-occupancy vehicle use.
  5. Conserve Water and Promote Water Efficiency: conserve potable water supply through conservation measures applicable to both indoor and outdoor water use in existing buildings and new construction.
  6. Conserve Energy and Promote Renewable Energy: encourage energy efficiency retrofits for existing buildings, enhance energy performance for new construction, increase use of renewable energy, improve community energy management, provide alternative fuel options, and improve the county's vehicle fleet.
  7. Reduce Waste and Promote Recycling: build on past county successes to identify strategies to increase waste diversion rates and educate residents to become well-informed consumers.
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